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A skeleton of a mother, and her baby, who both died during her pregnancy.

this is so fucking cool

how on earth is this cool this is literally the remains of a mother and a child she never even got to see. have some respect smh

its cool because its an intact skeleton within an intact skeleton. sad sure, but still cool, get off the pedestal. 

You can appreciate the science while still feeling empathy for the person. That’s the entire point of archaeology.
Source: I’m a goddamn archaeologist.
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I watched this for like 20 minutes

It feels like I’m watching the birth of a demon

I almost shitted bricks

Wolf in sheeps clothing
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u know someone is having a rough day when their favorite song plays and they don’t sing along

No one will understand how much this just broke my heart.

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tails are just tentacles for butts



"A friend took this pic in Arizona USA. The meteorologists don’t have a name for it. 
Seems to be high energy to be in a Rainbow and a tornado! ”

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This is probably the coolest GIF I’ve ever seen.

now there’s some perspective.

I once saw a storm roll like this once. It was beautiful.

omg this is lovely

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Aren’t they the cutest?
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There’s a storm going on outside and I’m half convinced this is the end of the world

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"I’ve worked to eradicate Malaria my entire life, and I used to drive out into the rural areas all the time to do my work. I’d carry large amounts of money without any fear. People would know that I had money with me and nobody would bother me. But things have changed. People have grown desperate, and desperate people do bad things. The population has grown in Mexico much faster than the infrastructure, and there just aren’t enough jobs to support everyone. My company had a job opening recently, and all the job required was a high school diploma, but 400 people showed up with college degrees. And that was for a job that only paid $350 a month! All Mexicans need are jobs. We are not a lazy people. Give us a job and we won’t sleep if it’s necessary. We’ll eat our lunch while we are working. We will work 15 hours a day to dig a hole 10 kilometers deep, if that is what you ask us to do. Because for us, all work is a blessing."
(Mexico City, Mexico)
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