Over and Over and Over Again
Hello, hello. My name is Kimmie, 20 year old grandma, college student. I love my cat, coffee, and you and that's all that really matters in life, right?
"There are days when I subsist on coffee and
a granola bar.

There are days when I eat three balanced meals
with 8 full cups of water.

There are days when I follow my
planner to the letter and,

There are days when I take six hour naps
instead of working at all.

There are days my friend, there are days.

There are days when I work out
and still grab the chunk of flesh
around my waist and wonder why
I can’t get rid of those few extra inches.

There are days when I watch TV
and eat junk food and
still smile at my reflection knowing
I am everything I need to be.

There are days my friend, there are days.

This is life.
This is healthy.
This is the experience of
being alive.

I am learning how to do this

I am learning.

That life is like a sine wave
sometimes above average
sometimes below
usually somewhere in the middle.
Always with infinite forward motion.
Consistency is not a straight line, it’s
a range of acceptability.

So when I feel tired, I
will embrace it.

When I feel, ugly
out of shape

I will embrace it as part of
being 100% flesh and bone.
100% human.

Knowing I am not any one thing on
any one day and that time heals things and
the sun will rise on a new day and
it’s up to me each day to decide
what I will do to move forward.

There are days my friend.
There are days, but I am learning."

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"I respect the fact that when they felt like nobody was there, they turned up the volume."
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"I’ll marry a person who knows how I take my tea, coffee, and alcohol
And knows when to make which."

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Split-View, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
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